Sandoll is the best Hangul font creator in the world.
Not only Local leading companies like Daum Kakao, Naver, Samsung, and LG,
but global players including Apple, Google, Adobe, and Microsoft acknowledged our
technology and quality. Sandoll is the only domestic Hangul font foundry that has
a capability to work with those international companies.

Sandoll took both the first and second prizes for Korean text
typefaces at GRANSHAN 2014, international type design competition for
non-Latin typefaces as well as receiving the first prize in the Display typefaces section,
where many overseas players compete fiercely, all of which reveals Sandoll’s high status
as a world’s leading typeface company.

We at Sandoll have been carrying out a large number of projects
with international companies including Apple, Google, Adobe, and Microsoft.
And we are also
working on a variety of projects with recognized overseas typeface development companies in
cooperation. Issues arising out of multi-language fonts can be solved by Sandoll.

We are one and only domestic Hangul font foundry
with experiences and knowhow in developing multi-language fonts including Hangul,
Latin, Japanese, and Chinese.

Well-made fonts are expensive. Therefore, Sandoll’s fonts are not cheap.

We do not want to regret after developing a low-quality font
due to a cost issue. Sandoll provides a wide variety of proposals for creating
a high-quality font, taking into account your budget.

To develop custom fonts, in-depth understanding on the company is required.
We at Sandoll conduct profound research and survey objectively on what the company
and the public need and want, and based on which we commence developing a font.

The most important thing in developing a font is not design.
Although a certain font is equipped with a sophisticated design
but it does not have functionality, it cannot be said successful.

Shapes of several letters in pretty designed font are no more
important than functionality of the font when it is reflected on 11,172 letters.
Sandoll develops true fonts combining sophisticated design
with high legibility, usability and esthetics.

Fonts must reflect times and circumstances.
Over time, the esthetic sense and trend of the public are evolving.
To follow the trend, adequate typography system must be used to develop fonts.
Today’s typefaces need to be designed to be optimized in the digital media environment.
The original drawing shall be prepared by considering details like resolution,
extreme points, inflection points, curvature, binary, and pixel sizes.

Custom font should vary depending on objectives and concepts
of communication the company wants.
In this regard, the font must be used in a broad scope for company
logo image, headlines, body text, advertisement, and CI/BI. Sandoll’s fonts are
developed adopting this family concept from the first place.
They are scalable in the future for the purpose of use.

Sandoll’s fonts not only rely on visibility and sensibility,
but beyond what is visible, our fonts apply perfect, sophisticated,
and scientific design, even to invisible part. To maintain consistent
design of 11,172 Hangul letters, elaborate design and its rules are required.
We continue to research visual perception, body engineering, and typography
to maintain typesetting balance and achieve perfect illusion correction,
vertical writing, and consistency of English and Chinese characters,
numbers, and symbols.

To make use of the font style ideally,
you need techniques in accordance with the fonts selected.
We support variable technologies not only for the font development
for example, Hinting, kerning, unfixed-width, multi-glyph and et cetera
but also for the use of more valuable fonts.

We support as below:
Security technology of prevention of reproduction
Font compression technique for system loading
Font service technology through web font and mobile

Security technology of prevention of reproduction
Font compression technique for system loading
Font service technology through web font and mobile

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